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Legal Review & Legal Compliance

We help you check the clauses and legal provisions that can harm you. We ensure that your company and business are and always comply with Indonesian law.

Legal compliance is the process by which a company adheres to the complex rules, policies and procedures that regulate business practices in a particular jurisdiction.

Compliance involves knowing and understanding the legislation that applies to the organization and demonstrating that the business and its entities are in compliance at all times.

– A robust compliance process includes, but is not limited to:
– Keeping records of checks
– Having policies and procedures in place around the legislation
– Retaining evidence that the right people are taking responsibility for compliance

A failure to provide the appropriate amount of attention to your legal compliance program can lead to a company not only falling foul of regulators but also facing fines, censures, reputational damage and, in some instances, the prospect of jail time for directors. Organizations can mitigate these risks when an effective compliance program is in place.

Compliance requirements differ by jurisdiction, making evaluating legal compliance a difficult and sizeable responsibility for CCOs and other professionals tasked with its strategy and tracking.