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Welcome to Irsan Muharam and Partners

IMP is a firm that offers clients a wide range of integrated legal services, including commercial transactions and corporate disputes in a variety of industry sectors.

Over the course of more than a decade, we have grown to understand our client’s industry and business as well as the regulatory aspect. In dealing with business dynamics, we provide comprehensive solid legal advice and solutions to minimize legal and business risks.

Experts of Irsan Muharam and Partners will provide you with expert advice on any matter of interest to you. The protection strategy is developed depending upon the country where the client, his property or dispute/court is located. Our lawyers have extensive experience in dispute resolution and protection in courts of various jurisdictions such as Indonesia.

The cost of attorney services is discussed individually depending on the tasks assigned. Please, contact us to find out more about the opportunities to protect your interests and the interests of your business and get individualized advice.

Irsan Muharam

Founder Profile

Name : Irsan Muharam, SH
Completed his bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Law, Trisakti University, currently pursuing his master’s degree in law at Esa Unggul University.

The Advocate profession that he has practiced adds to Irsan’s expertise and perseverance in maneuvering in the world of Business Law and corporate law and has been tested and trusted by several well-known corporate agencies.

Irsan’s skills in managing company legality or licensing, legal audits, legal drafting, legal opinion and review of agreements so that he is given the trust to assist clients or represent companies in negotiating business, participating in shareholder meetings, investments, acquisitions and mergers up to re-planning corporate organization is no longer in doubt.

Apart from being an expert in civil law, Irsan also has expertise and experience in cases he has handled in the fields of criminal law, bankruptcy (PKPU), employment law, family law, banking law, land law, and notary law.

Our Service

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property is born and grows from human intellectual abilities. Works born from human intellectual abilities are in the form of works in the fields of technology, science, art and literature.

Legal Documents and Contracts

The Legal Agreement gives you certainty, and protects you from various legal and business risks. We help you create legal documents that can protect your various legal and business interests.

Litigation and Trial

Certain legal cases must be resolved through the judiciary. Our experienced and licensed legal consultants will represent and defend your legal interests in court.

Business Establishment and Licensing

Starting a business structure correctly and in accordance with the law from the start will make it easier for you in the future. We help you build a secure, flexible and legally compliant business for your long-term business.

Legal Review and Legal Compliance

We help you check the clauses and legal provisions that can harm you. We ensure that your company and business are and always comply with Indonesian law.

Legal Accompaniment

In some conditions, you may need a professional legal consultant to accompany or represent you at a meeting or certain agenda.

Legal Consultant

We provide solutions to legal strategies for the legal issues you are experiencing. Provide input regarding all legal aspects of your business development plan.

Legal Service Coverage

Expert Team

Why Do Many Clients Choose Our Services?


We provide an attitude of full integrity, respect and maximum ability for our Clients.

Do Not Bother

The world of law is very complex, but we always package every problem in a simple way so that it is easy to understand and can help you achieve your desired goals.

Theory and Practice

We are not just looking at it from a theoretical or philosophical point of view. We are practitioners who understand the legal issues of companies that are most profitable for you.

Clients Prority

Most of our Clients are companies. This makes us always put ourselves in the Client’s position, so that we think and act as one unit with our Clients.

Need assistance and legal assistance?

Please, contact us to find out more about the opportunities to protect your interests and the interests of your business and get individualized advice.

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